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Line Interactive UPS - GE VCL 1000 Series

GE Product Code: 25924

  • €18500 Line Interactive

    Prices are excluding V.A.T. (19%)

Power Rating: 1000VA/600W

Features and Benefits

  • Protects your Computers, Data, EPOS, CCTV etc. against "blackouts" at a very affordable price.
  • Line Interactive technology with basic voltage regulation AVR, which makes your UPS batteries last longer.
  • Easy to use at home office environment since it virtually makes no noise during normal operation.
  • Takes little space due to compact & lightweight design.
  • Does not increase your electricity bill due to very high efficiency.
  • High reliability due to design, manufactured by a reputable company, General Electric - GE.
  • Protects your peripherals against surges & spikes with separate outlets.
  • In case of power failure, it shuts down your computer without your intervention.
  • Large number of outlets for all your equipment.
  • GE's quality and digicom's proven technical support, guarantee trouble free operation.
  • 2 Year Warranty on Parts and Batteries


  • Single Phase Output Voltage – 230V
  • Wide input voltage range – 170V to 280V minimizing battery use 50/60Hz operation
  • High Reliability - An MTBF (meantime between failures) >750.000 hours
  • High Efficiency - > 95%

* Advice: Do not connect Laser Printers to small UPS

View the VCL Series Brochure for more...

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