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On Line Double Conversion UPS - ABB PowerValue 11T G2 B, 2kVA, Premium Series, Tower - For 1-2 x Servers or 1 x Server & 2-3 PCs

ABB PV 4NWP100161R0001

  • €78500 Double Conversion

    Prices are excluding V.A.T. (19%)

Power Rating: 2000VA/1800W

Features and Benefits

The PowerValue 11T G2 with its tested and cost-effective ABB UPS technology offers high-performance, now made available to market sectors with lower power requirements: Small server rooms, critical lab or industrial equipment, security installations. Applications of a similar power class can now profit from one of 12 PowerValue 11T G2 models.

With the most compact online UPS footprint available, the PowerValue 11T G2 features true on-line double conversion technology. This provides a flexible output frequency and isolates the UPS from upstream disturbances so that the critical load sees only stable, well-regulated, transient-free, pure sine wave AC power.

A rated output power factor up to 1.0 (kVA = kW - for 6 & 10kVA), means the PowerValue 11T G2 delivers 11 percent more active power than a UPS with a power factor of 0.9. The UPS is optimized for modern IT loads and helps users reduce their energy budget with its double conversion efficiency of up to 95 percent (up to 98% in ECO mode).

Low input line disturbances: input PF ≥ 0.995 @ 100 percent linear load – THDi  < 3 percent

Flexible configuration for scalable runtime: UPS and EBMs with and without batteries (long backup)

Adjustable DC voltage and battery charger current

Digital charger technology provides accurate charger current setting and reduces charger ripple current

The UPS is delivered with an inbuilt parallel board and paralleling cables. No additional hardware is required for this installation (6 & 10kVA).

All this with the same guaranteed high availability and quality standards as ABB’s higher-power premium UPS models - and at the most attractive entry level price  round.

 Two Years Warranty on Electronic Parts, One Year Batteries. 




• Tower-type, IP20 UPS enclosure
• Single-phase in and out
• Online double conversion UPS
• Paralleling up to three units allows for increase of capacity to 30 kW or redundancy  (6-10 kVA only)
• Operator and status LCD
• Wide voltage input frequency range
• Inbuilt batteries (B/B2 versions only)
• Maintenance bypass switch (6-10 kVA only)
• Plug-and-play
• Autonomy: 8/15 minutes @ 75/50% load  



• Additional battery cabinets (EBM) for scaling autonomy time
• SNMP, ModBus and AS400 interface cards for remote control and monitoring of the UPS via a web browser
• Sensors – combined with the network interface card, environmental humidity and  temperature sensors can be integrated into the system and monitored remotely
• Connectivity functionality via Winpower SNMP (network management card), mini SNMP, ModBus, mini ModBus, EMP (environmental monitoring probe), AS400 and mini AS400

View the PowerValue 11T G2 Series Brochure for more... 

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