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You are reading this, either because you are considering purchasing a computer, or other sensitive computerized equipment and are looking for ways to protect it, or you are already using computers and have faced, or are facing problems with the electricity supply and are looking for solutions. Such as with a suitable, effective and affordable UPS.

Problems such as Blackouts, which you can see since the lights go out, resulting in you losing all the information you had entered into your computer. Or unseen problems, such as high or low voltages, spikes and electrical noise, none of which you as a human can see. Problems however which affect any computer, immediately or in the long run. Resulting among others in hard disk, power supply and motherboard damage, at a great cost to repair. Not to mention lost time, frustration, unhappy customers and lost income."

Electricity Problems

  • The reality is that problems on the electricity supply, in your home and your office, can be caused by external and internal sources beyond your control, see picture above.
  • Bad weather does and will affect the electricity supply of computers no matter where they are installed, in your home or your office.
  • Cars hitting and cutting electricity poles, diggers digging by the side of the road cutting underground power cables, your neighbor overloading the building’s power supply, will affect your computers.
  • Coffee does get spilled occasionally on electrical appliances, creating a short circuit, which causes your electricity supply to cut off for your own safety. 
  • And finally the cost of recovering from a computer system that “crashed”, both hardware and software, as a result of a power problem is usually much higher than the cost of the UPS which could have prevented this.

And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?  The danger is real and always present no matter what the size of your business. So you keep having sleepless nights worrying about your system and your stress levels go sky high!

Do nothing and later you will regret

Unlike others, we have concentrated exclusively in solving problems with the electricity supply using Power Conditioning and Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems.  Our clients range from small PC users, to Data Centers, Telecommunication Providers, Medical, Security, Process Control and many other computerized applications.  Since 1982 we have faced and solved every imaginable problem with electricity powering computerized equipment, you can think of.

Our Story

Christos PapakyriacouIn 1982 after finishing my studies in the U.K. and the United States B.Sc.Electronics, M.Sc. in Telecommunications and Diploma in Computer Engineering, I returned to Cyprus.

That was the time when the first computers were installed in offices and factories. It was the time when our economy was growing and computerization was starting to take off. Everybody was selling either computer software or hardware at the time. The thing is that many newly installed systems did not work properly. They kept crashing and the buyers were blaming either the hardware or the software or both and no one had a solution to the problems. 

That was the time when I suspected, based on my experience in the United States, that the problem lied with the electricity supply powering the computers. I thought I would save them all with my solutions. Alas, I was a newcomer in the market and it was difficult for me to get attention. Nobody wanted to hear what I had to say. They needed hard proof. They needed facts.

Power Analyzer So I decided to invest in a machine called a Power Analyzer, which actually acted a little like a cardiogram, for electricity rather than human hurt. I recorded on a strip of paper for 48 hours power cuts, fluctuation and other line interference on the supply. Analyzing and correlating problems with what disturbance was recorded, I offered a written report with my suggestions.

I also offered equipment to solve the problem. Voltage Regulators were recommended or Line Filters or the” Ultimate” Uninterruptible Power Supplies, which were quite expensive at the time. The problems were solved every time.  Sales took off and Digicom Ltd became known for its “Solutions to Computer Electricity Supply Problems”.

That is how my company has come to be recognized as “Critical Power Experts” by one of the Leading UPS manufactures in the World, GE (General Electric USA), which we represent in Cyprus since 1987.      

Don't get me wrong! I did not do everything on my own. I started by hiring a good engineer, whom I've trained. He had to have a similar passion and drive, in solving electricity supply problems computer users faced, as I had. Later as the company started to grow, I hired more electrical and electronics engineers with a keen interest in electricity matters.

Digicom currently employs 5 engineers with B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees, including myself. We were trained by our suppliers, GE and GNB/Exide, at their facilities in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany and Portugal.

 GE in particular, whose UPS we have been installing and maintaining all over Cyprus, since 1987, are very strict on quality technical support. They expect that our engineers pass rigorous tests every 2 years and become re-certified by GE, as Critical Power Experts. This in order for the partnership to continue, secure in the knowledge that we, Digicom Ltd, their partners in Cyprus, are kept up to date with system upgrades and new technologies used in UPSs.

This in turn allows us to offer GE UPS users, correct pre-purchase advice, service and support of the highest standard expected by GE. Learning is a continuous process at Digicom.

Digicom EngineersCritical Power Expert Certificate 2016

We try to make you, the GE UPS user, feel confident and protected when you do business with Digicom Ltd. Secure in the knowledge that:

> You will be doing business with the only company in Cyprus, specializing exclusively in solving electricity supply problems, which affect computers and the businesses that use them.

Note: We don't sell boilers for heating or air conditioning units or generators or computers or anything unrelated to critical power. We simply advise on, supply, install and maintain UPS, its batteries and UPS accessories.

 > You can take advantage of our enhanced knowledge of UPS technology and wide range of UPS systems, suitable for users of 1 PC, small business Server rooms, to large Data Centers.

  Office and Servers    Home Computers

I guarantee our sales team will offer you the most suitable UPS, at the best possible price, with the best available after sales technical support. So that you will be able to use your investment for many years, without any problems. We can do that because we specialize only in AC and DC Critical Power such as Uninterruptible Power Supply systems.

> Our GE certified "Critical Power Experts" will be able to advise you, tackle and solve any technical problem which may arise at any time of the day, 24/7/365, allowing you to concentrate on the real reason you bought a computer. To use it as a reliable tool with zero interruption of operations, to help you make money and your company successful.

Note: Through diligent preventive and corrective maintenance and advice to clients, we have ensured nearly all GE UPS installations, have been operating without interruptions for a decade and in some instances, far exceeding their indicated design life.

Don't hesitate. Take advantage of our knowledge, our quality UPS and our special pricing. You are under no obligation to buy. If a UPS from our e-shop does not solve your problem, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund*.

See what is on offer in our e-shop by clicking the link The diagrams on each page will help you select the correct UPS for the number of computers you use.

If you don't know where to start or what to buy for your computer/s, call me and ask for Christos at  22-765432 and I will personally handle your inquiry.

*Terms and conditions apply.