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Line Interactive UPS - digiUPS DRG 850 LCD, 850VA, Tower Series - For 1 x PC & modem/router


  • €9900 Line Interactive

    Prices are excluding V.A.T. (19%)

Power Rating: 850VA/500W

We are proud to introduce our complete range of Low Cost UPS, under Digicom's registered trade name "digiUPS". digiUPS have been rigorously tested under Cyprus operating conditions and have passed all quality and reliability tests. 

The DGR Series is our economical & reliable solution, for protecting PC & Networks at home, shops and small offices against Power InterruptionsThis 850VA/500W digiUPS, uses Line Interactive technology with Simulated Sinewave. It features a large Digital Display, smart design, AVR Boost and Buck, automatic battery test, USB communication interface, cold start function and easy battery replacement. 

Benefits :

  • Output Power: 850VA/500W, capable of powering several PCs and peripherals or a small Network.
  • A large, bright Digital Display provides all required user information for a trouble free operation.
  • Boost and Buck AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) corrects either under-voltage or
    over-voltage conditions, to minimize the usage of battery energy, extending the life of the battery, increasing the time between replacements and saving you money.
  • Autonomy: 13/18 minutes for 1 PC with 19 inch monitor depending on your PSU. Enough time to shut down properly or for power to be restored.
  • A Plug & Play fan cooled UPS to avoid overheating & extend battery life.
  • Cold Start Function allows users to turn on the UPS without connecting the Utility.
  • USB connection port for UPS monitoring.  Automatic shutdown, scheduling and many other functions.
  • Plug-in charging - UPS charging battery even when turned off.
  • Supported by our technical team of Certified "Critical Power Experts" for your peace of mind.
  • Two Years Warranty on Electronic Parts, One Year Batteries. 

     * Advice: Do not connect Laser Printers to small UPS

View the digiUPS DGR Series LCD Brochure for more...

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