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Manual By-Pass Switch


  • €45000 1/2/3, 6&10kVA

    Prices are excluding V.A.T. (19%)

Small UPS Systems up to 6kVA, do not generally include a built-in Manual By-Pass Switch, in order to reduce costs and physical size. However, external Manual By-Pass switches are available as option.

A Manual By-Pass switch allows the service engineer to deactivate the UPS electronics in order to safely perform preventive or corrective service, WITHOUT affecting the load.

Units are available for up to 3kVA and for 6/10kVA (hardwired).

3kVA switches require a 16A input MCB or heater switch (not included in price)
6kVA switches require a 32A type D input MCB (not included in price)
10kVA switches require a 63A type D input MCB (not included in price)

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