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On Line Double Conversion UPS - digiUPS DAT 2000RT+, 2kVA, Tower/Rack Series - For 1-2 x Servers or 1 x Server & 2-3 PCs

DAT 2000RT+

  • €73500 Double Conversion

    Prices are excluding V.A.T. (19%)

Finally. . . Specifically for Small Business and Server/ RackMount Applications

  • Seriously Low Cost, Double Conversion UPS for Complete Protection of your Computers, for users who cannot afford expensive, brand name UPS, with a ...
  • Tested under Cyprus Conditions - High Quality Construction, ensuring your new UPS will not fail as soon as the first electricity problem occurs and the ...
  • Best & Proven Support available, so you the user can have peace of mind, that your UPS will be maintained correctly and repaired quickly, in case it does fail. The Digicom Support Team is certified as Critical Power Experts, with 36 years experience in advising all type of computer users and solving all type of Electricity Supply problems.

You no longer have to worry if you made the correct selection for your low cost UPS, or if it will offer the protection it claims during a blackout, or if there will be someone to maintain it or fix it, if it breaks down.

Introducing our complete range of Low Cost, On Line Double Conversion UPS, under Digicom's registered trade name "digiUPS". Available in 1/2/3 Pluggable (Tower/Rack), all digiUPS have been rigorously tested, under Cyprus operating conditions and have passed all of our quality, safety and reliability tests. 

The New digiUPS DAT  RT+ series of Pluggable UPS, will protect your Home or Office Computers against Electricity Supply problems, by constantly providing a "New", "Clean", "Stable" and "Uninterrupted" Electricity to your systems.

Power Rating: 2000VA/1800W

Features and Benefits

  • Every digiUPS DAT RT+ constantly provides, clean and stable electricity supply, through the use of Full Digital Control and Three Level Inverted technology.
  • Same unit can be used as Tower or Rack mount (smart display can be read in 90°) rotation.
  • Use less energy & pay less in electricity bills using a Transformer Less digiUPS DAT RT+, due to its high, up to 91% efficiency.
  • Uses Hot Swappable Battery Design for battery replacement without deactivating your load.
  • Use of a digiUPS PLUS does not affect other unprotected equipment in your building, because of its Low Input Harmonic Distortion <3% and High Input Power Factor > 0.99.
  • You can protect more of your valuable equipment, since the digiUPS offers more "real" power than other UPS with its 0.9 Output Power Factor PF.
  • A digiUPS DAT RT+ Rackmount/Tower can be used by even the most "non-technical" person, due to its large, easy to use illuminated Digital Display, which has all the information a user needs.
  • Smart USB Interface for Power Management, supports real-time UPS status monitoring.  Automatic shutdown, scheduling and many other advance power management functions.
  • Units are small and quiet with enough output sockets for your computer, VDU, modem.
  • All digiUPS have all the required International ISO and European certifications for quality, safety and interference.
  • Equally important is that the digiUPS has the support of the most technically reliable and competent company in Cyprus, with 40 years experience exclusively in solving Electricity Supply Problems, earning us the certification of "Critical Power Experts".
  • Two Years Warranty on Electronic Parts, One Year Batteries. 


  • Power Rating 2000VA/1800W
  • Input Voltage Range: 110-300Vac
  • Input Power Factor: > 0.99
  • Input THDi: < 5% (Total input current harmonic distortion)
  • Output Voltage Range: 208/220/230/240 (±1% settable on display)
  • Output Power Factor: 0.9
  • Efficiency: 91%
  • Output THDv: < 3% linear, < 7% non linear load (Total output voltage harmonic distortion)
  • Overload: <105%continuous, 106-120% for 30 seconds, 121-150% for 10 seconds.
  • Autonomy at 75/50/25% computer load: 9/17/42 minutes. External battery packs are available.
  • Acoustic noise ≤50dBA
  • Output Outlets: 6xIEC320 C13
  • Standards/Quality: CE, EN 62040-1:2008, EN 62040-2:2006, EN 62040-3, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

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