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Are You Buying Your UPS Based On Price Or Based On Cost?

Posted by Christos Papakyriacou on

                  As the legendary Zig Ziglar said "PRICE is a                                                 onetime thing... COST is an ongoing thing

What does that mean you ask and what does that have to do with buying a UPS for my computer system?


You see, if you are considering buying a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and you are only looking at the initial price, without investigating the quality of the UPS and its performance in the market, or the UPS supplier, his technical support capabilities and his reputation, you may be in for a nasty surprise!


Why you ask?


The answer is simple and you probably already know it.


A quality UPS, such as any installable model from GE, will give you “10-15 years of Uninterrupted, Trouble-Free Protection”, with the proper preventive maintenance routine. This has been proven in the field, in Cyprus. In some recorded cases GE units are still been used after 20 years.


On the other hand, we have personally witnessed, on several occasions, how low priced, low quality UPS have failed and due to nonexistent local support, had to be replaced within the first 5-6 years of operation. In many cases these needed repair, due to component or consumable part failure during the early years, forcing the owner to spend more than he planned for. In other words the TCO or Total Cost of Ownership increases after your purchase.

So I ask you, which is more important to you? Is it the initial PRICE to secure trouble-free operation throughout the UPS design life, OR the COST, which means paying less initially and continue to pay, unknown amounts, for repairs.

In addition to the fact you will probably have to pay for another UPS, in half the time of use, compared to a quality UPS!

And don’t forget the “damage” your equipment may suffer, from such a failure and the repair costs.

Don’t forget the loss of business you will suffer during this failure, the down time, the loss of customers, who are presented with so many alternatives, loyalty goes out the window!

Think of the stress and frustration you and your staff will go through, until the problem is solved.


Isn’t a correct, initial investment worth it, to ensure your business continuity
and your peace of mind?



Of course it all depends on how serious you are about your business, or how dependent your business is on your computer systems, running with zero down time or minimizing hardware and software crashes.

Unfortunately the saying “If you buy cheap…you buy it twice” holds true!

OK you say…show me how to choose, to ensure I buy the correct UPS!

The answer is simple:

1)    Buy from a “reputable”, “specialized” UPS supplier, with decades of proven field experience, who concentrates exclusively in “Critical Power”. In this way you are assured that, all his staff are dedicated and trained in helping YOU the UPS buyer, if and when you need them.

It is our impression that many companies in Cyprus, who sell among other things UPS, a sophisticated electronic piece of equipment, do not keep up with technology, do not offer the correct and immediate support a UPS user needs and do not have the number and quality of UPS trained engineers, to satisfy their clients. Their business model, of moving boxes, does not allow it.

"A UPS is not a black box" you can purchase, install and forget. A UPS continuously absorbs all the bad things on the electricity supply that can ruin your servers and hurt your business. A good UPS will work for more than a decade "if you maintain it correctly". To be able to maintain a UPS "a supplier must have the technical infrastructure", such as a suitable number of trained engineers, stock of spare parts and consumables, records of your unit's preventive service requirements and the set up for 24/7 support.

That is what you are investing in, when you purchase a quality UPS from the correct supplier. Not just the "box" but the guaranteed support, if and when you need it. As well as the knowledge that your UPS supplier will do everything possible to ensure your Uninterrupted Operations. A low cost UPS box mover cannot offer this.

2)    Ask for several Testimonials from your potential supplier, such as the ones below, or get some on line, or ask for references from other Cyprus users on his customer list.

3)   Find out how long the UPS series you want to buy has been used, under Cyprus conditions. Yes it is extremely important the UPS of interest to you, to have been used and tested in Cyprus, since our electrical supply and environmental conditions, directly affect the long term performance of a UPS.

4)    Finally, after you are reasonably certain you are considering a quality, reliable UPS, from a supplier with the correct technical expertise, certifications and experience . . . then you can negotiate a better price!

We at Digicom are ready to serve you, if you so wish, for the next one or two decades. The official "design life of our GE UPS is 10-15 years” and beyond!

Call us today at 22 765432 for an appointment or a free telephone consultation, on your specific needs.

Or browse our web site and visit our eshop www.digicom-eshop.comfor your on line purchases.

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