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Are you having computer problems, even if you have a UPS?

Posted by Christos Papakyriacou on

Is your UPS working correctly?

If you had a UPS installed to protect your computer systems, but you are still having problems with your computers, perhaps you should check the following:

1) When was your UPS installed? If more than 1 year, it needs attention!

2) When was it serviced last? Depending on the working environment, a UPS should be serviced a minimum of once per year. More if it is working in a dusty, non air-conditioned room!

3) What equipment were actually connected to your UPS? Did you make a list? The installer may have omitted to connect to it some important equipment, such as the modem or router! This means that during a power-cut, the Servers and computers are working without access to the internet! 

UPS maintenance is essential for uninterrupted operation!4) Does your UPS supplier offer any preventive service within the warranty period? How often? Does he offer Maintenance contracts after the warranty expires?

5) What checks are included in the preventive service from your supplier? Do you receive a report with details, after every service?

6) Are you aware that batteries, cooling fans and capacitors are "consumable" items and need replacement at pre-defined intervals? 

Just like your car tyres and you engine oil! Just as in the case of your car, if you do not replace them, in this case after 3-5 years, you may have serious problems!

7) The correct preventive service must generally include:

a) Cleaning of the UPS and ventilation grills as dust builds up, which causes a rise in internal UPS temperature, which affects electronics and most importantly the batteries.

Damaged batteries cause UPS problems

b) Inspection and testing of the batteries. Batteries may leak acid, terminal poles may corrode, internal cells may short or open, affecting the performance of the UPS. A discharge test should be performed to determine the required back-up time is provided. If you need 20 minutes for your servers to shut down, having 10 minutes back-up time is not of much use. Unless power is restored within this time period. Testing batteries will allow the technician to identify and replace only faulty blocks, saving money and preventing a possible UPS shutdown when you least expect it.

Do not place UPS on carpets or dusty environments

c) Several measurements should be made by the engineer, such as charging voltage/current, inverter output voltage and frequency, proper functioning of the static by-pass switch, high temperature spots identified, which could indicate a malfunctioning component. This is only an outline of what our engineers look for, during a preventive service visit.

Note that plugging a laptop computer and downloading alarms and events, is not considered proper preventive service! So beware! 

Installing a UPS is the correct decision for protecting your computer systems and your business activities. Which means protecting your income and having peace of mind!

Peace of mind with a correctly maintained UPS!

However you should not install and forget a UPS!

You do have to maintain it correctly. Particularly as it is an essential, if not critical part of your business computer system.

If you need advice or service for your existing UPS, or if you are thinking of replacing your UPS, generally 6-10 year design life, call us at 22-765432 for a no obligations consultation. 

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Comment below and let us know if you ever had problems with your UPS units or your maintenance provider. Perhaps we can help! 

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