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What Is A UPS And What Value Does It Offer?⚡

Posted by Christos Papakyriacou on

I was watching a sales webinar recently, dealing with the value our products offer our clients, when I suddenly realized that there may be potential customers and business owners (the market who would benefit from our products and services), who do not know what a UPS is or what it does, or how such a device can help them personally and their business.

It also dawned on me that perhaps I was suffering from the “curse of knowledge” 😱 which is the assumption that because I deal with UPS and Critical Power every day since 1982, I am unknowingly assuming that others have the background to understand what I am talking about!? So I decided to try to quickly and simply explain what a UPS is and what it does for all those who may be interested. Bear with me.

This piece of equipment is called an “Uninterruptible Power Supply” or UPS for short and it does exactly what its name implies. It provides uninterrupted electricity to the equipment connected to it.

A UPS is a high-tech device, placed between the wall socket or electrical panel and the equipment, such as computers, (PCs, Servers, Data Centers), computerized medical equipment, (i.e. MRI, CAT Scan, Ultra Sound, Laser Units), telecommunication equipment, (such as modems, routers, switches, telephone exchanges), as well as security systems, (such as intruder alarms, monitor and cameras) and many others.

The purpose of connecting such equipment to a UPS is to protect their sensitive electronic circuits and data from variations and interference as well as power cuts, on the electricity supply.

Specifically, a UPS receives the power from the Electricity Authority (EAC), with all its interference and problems and converts it to battery voltage (AC to DC), using an electronic circuit called a rectifier. This DC voltage is then used to charge batteries connected to the UPS and keep them charged, as long as the mains supply is present. This process is the first conversion performed by the UPS.

A second circuit called an inverter, converts the battery voltage back into a new, clean, stable and uninterrupted electricity supply (DC to AC). This is the second conversion.

Double Conversion

This type of UPS is known as a “Double Conversion UPS”, because it first converts the electricity supply voltage to battery voltage and then converts it again back to a new electricity supply voltage (AC to DC and DC to AC), offering a new and clean waveform.

With this UPS topology, your computers and other sensitive electronic devices are protected and are not affected by power cuts due to unstable weather conditions, such as lightning on the power lines, or short circuits in your neighborhood or within your own building or indeed from any other electricity disturbance, no matter how it is caused.

In short, a UPS is your insurance policy, against electricity supply problems.

A UPS is, as essential to your business operations (some claim ever more essential) as anti-virus software, or external/removable storage devices for back-up of your data.

The UPS is the source of guaranteed clean, stable and uninterrupted energy for your PC, your network, your Server, your Data Center

as well as any other vital and sensitive electronic device. All the above refer of course to a properly maintained UPS, in a proper environment.

After 36 years offering solutions to computer electricity supply problems, I consider using a UPS essential for any small, medium size or large business operation, helping you avoid:

 Unplanned power-cuts from disrupting your computer and business operations

● Hardware damage due to interference

● Unnecessary maintenance and repair costs of your computers (power supplies, microprocessors, memory, hard discs, data corruption) as well as

● Help eliminate financial losses and other consequences from a permanent loss of your data.

Voltage Waveform with Interference

This in short is a UPS, what it does and how it protects and the value it offers you.

Oh . . . I forgot to mention the most important benefit!

The peace of mind this offers you, as well as the improved quality of your life 😊

You should not hesitate in offering this protection to your business operations and yourself. This decision must be based on:

● How much your business depends on your computers,

● The cost to your operations and your turnover from a possible damage, as well as

● The number of computers in your network and whether you will protect part of it, such as the server, or your entire network.

Lost Data from a Power Cut - Never Again!

If you want to learn more about UPS systems or if you have a specific immediate requirement or planning for the future, contact us at 22-765432 for an exploratory telephone discussion or a visit. We will be pleased to help.

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